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Nome Artista Duda
Stato attivo
Registrato 04 Ott 2020
Località Rimini
Occupazione Freelance
Sito Web https://www.gigarte.com/dudastrawberry
Email pubblica per contatti jannapav@yahoo.it
Biografia Hello, I'm Duda an Italian painter, I have been painting for a short time with great enthusiasm and I would like experts like you give me an evaluation on my works and give me sime stimulus to continue painting and explore new styles with my utmost commitment. Self taught, these are my only first works, performed this year. I'd place my works between the post-war period and the lightheartedness and joie de vivre of the 60s, 70s, 80s, feelings that I whant to transmit through my works, using my color choice I put life and movement in my paintings.
I have never tried to paint before last summer, but being a person of artistic spirit (I play the piano, the guitar, I sing),
I always dreamed of taking a brush in my hands and expressing myself by playing with colors, light, and how can you judge my warm and intense painting. My abstractionism is however almost always attributable to nature, but also waves and still the sense of the wind that loves to mess around and play with everything.
Thank you

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