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Nome Artista Luca Scaini
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Registrato 29 Mar 2021
Località Riccione
Interessi Acquerello, matita, inchiostro
Occupazione Professore Università
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Biografia Luca Scaini \r\n \r\nBorn in Lecco, Italy, 21/3/1972\r\n \r\nIn his heritage he can count on painters and illustrators mentioned on important catalogues in the XX early-mid century.\r\n \r\nStarted painting in a consistent and regular way in 2014 after having crossed the world living and working as professor of marketing and economics. His background, professional artistic and personal, relies on his wanderings: Africa, especially Morocco and the borders between Kenya and Ethiopia, far east, having worked in China, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia, Middle east, where he worked in the Iraqi Kurdistan and now, again, in Russia where he is working as Head of Program and Senior Lecturer at the prestigious British Higher School of Arts and Design.\r\n \r\nA new -unexpected- journey has started in 2014: a journey inside his dark, misty, unexplored soul that he describes with the traits of his brushes.\r\n \r\nAlong his exploration he has been touching different techniques: graphite, acrylics, ink and watercolor, but his real nature links watered china and watercolors.\r\n \r\nExperimental styles, expressionism and sometimes figuring and painting emotions.\r\n \r\nMain expositions:\r\n• Shanghai (China) March/April 2016, personal @ Southern-Belle,\r\n• Ifrane (Marocco) November/December 2018, (Personal) @ Al Akawayn\r\n• Firenze (Italia), September 2020 premio internazionale Leonardo da Vinci, Collective @ palazzo Zimenes Panciatichi \r\n• Moscow (Russia), ongoing, expected spring 2021, personal @ "Artplay"\r\n \r\n27th September 2020 having exposed his artwork "Birth of Venus" in Florence, was awarded with Premio Internazionale Leonardo Da Vinci, dedicated to the artists that in recent years distinguished for their stylistic and technical efforts (nominee by Sandro Serradifalco and a committee counting, among the others, Angelo Crespi and Edoardo Sylos Labini).\r\n \r\nPublished in the art magazine "Art Now" (October 2020 issue), in the cultural journal "Sylarus" (November-December 2020 issue) and credited by "Artisti 21" art catalogue (Arnoldo Mondadori editore).\r\n \r\nIf you want to know more, you should just let his art speaking of him, of the universe and of the soul.\r\n
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