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Nome Artista Lika FloenS
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Registrato 04 Gen 2022
Località Germany
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Occupazione art, write a book
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Biografia Lika Floens is а German mixed media artist. Lika's creativity is focused on its beneficial effect on the deep subconscious, restoring effect on the psyche and, as a result, emotional harmony.

Her erlier works have been represented in private collections in Russia.

The artist makes collages, combines the technique of découpage with painting and graphics. She use materials like watercolor, acrylics, ink, pencils and markers. Thanks to the multi-layered work and experiments with various materials (especially epoxy resin), including natural ones, Lika creates surfaces with a unique texture and a degree of depth – works that one wants to touch, look deep into and examine every detail.

She was born and raised in Southern Russia. Since early childhood, she drew on almost everything that came to her hand, from the table napkins to the walls in the house. When not busy at school, she tried to make a pipe or a Pan flute out of bamboo in her grandfather's workshop. She liked to get lost in the garden among the flowers and write poems or fairy tales.

Throughout the entire period of schooling, Lika dreamed of studying at an art school, which was not possible due to its remoteness.

After graduation, she got a university degree in economics and worked in the field of insurance.

2004, Lika entered the institute at the faculty of "costume design". During the studies, three of her works were painted and presented at a collective exhibition, which in the same year were purchased by a private collector from Russia.

After getting a university degree, Lika started her own business for events floral design, and also simultaneously engaged in individual tailoring of evening dresses and stage costumes.
She also drew dresses sketches for clients and made models of floral design in graphic editors. She attended seminars and trainings on floral design in Russia and Germany.

2012, she moved to Germany, where she worked as a fabric designer at a factory, and was also engaged in custom tailoring of wedding dresses and suits.
At some point, due to the circumstances, she had to stop and focus inside yourself and on her health. That's when Lika felt the need to pick up the brush again and smell the paint. It happened on the island of Gran Canaria. The Las Palmas collage became the key one. While working on it, Lika realized what's the direction she wants to move at.

Lika Floens (b 1983, Sochi, South Russia)
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